Traffic Lights and Other Signs

Part 1

It’s easy to feel lost. There is so much that isn’t known that we can become paralyzed with that thought, rather than full of life from that which is known.

I was driving and I saw a stop light out in the distance. It was green and I began to worry because I thought it might turn yellow at an awkward time making me decide to slam on my brakes or speed through. It remained green though. Of course, the first thing I did was reflect on this, and I’ve found that that often happens while driving. Looking further, I found that happens often in my life. I worry about what might be, and that is based on my limited information.

Some may say ignorance is bliss, meaning if I didn’t know what the light was, I wouldn’t think to worry about it. However, I feel that if it put me in that weird yellow situation, then my bliss may end. I don’t think ignorance is bliss entirely, I think it is situationally.

Rather, I think it’s best to either see the light or not, but continue to stay in the moment. Sure the light may turn yellow, maybe it’ll be early enough, maybe bad timing, or maybe stay green.

The unknown is overwhelming, but only when we do it to ourselves.

Part 2

At the end of school, I decided to be happy instead of trying to understand it all. What came as a result is not all that foreign, and I love when I remember it.

I’ve chosen to be happy. what manifests from that is often very nice. The little things become lovely, I am gracious, and many other virtues. However, the good feeling is like a drug, and I want more of it. So what happens is that I then want to search for happiness, and that’s the global mistake! the moment that happens, all happiness fades. The happiness comes from within and manifests in life. It’s scary though, because we like to see what’s coming. But, green light or not, it’s ok to remain in the moment.

The other side to this is my search for being right, to understand truth, and the word Should. I so desperately want to know those answers, but they come from within. I spend most of my life trying to find them. But like the happiness, I must first align myself within the answers and let them manifest.

Thank you!


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