Sympathy for the Devil

It’s easy to have no sympathy for the devil, for after all, it is evil. I don’t know how well this manifests though. In a world of black and white, good or evil, there is a rampant dismissiveness (sure it’s a word) of dislike. I don’t think this is ultimate truth though. Those who create waves in a calm pool, they are evil and thrown out. Until they are proven to be useful waves, then they are hailed and put into textbooks.

For those we don’t like, perhaps we should remember their humanity too. They are someones child, partner, friend. Though they may be the devil, perhaps it was a lack of sympathy that drove them to such.


To go off of my last post: it is easy to lose the miracles. This comes about with excuses and blames. When my current ones finish, what will I move to? I’m not sure, but tonight I will work to not move to another.


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