My Dream Last Night

So I started writing dreams down. Then I went 2 weeks without having one I could realllllyyyy remember. Last night I had one again and it was just amazing. So much so that I felt it belonged here.


I was in some kind of building (hotel?) with a lot of other people in it. At some point, we became aware that it was going to fall apart, but it was a good thing. The owner wasn’t happy and had to come up with fake reasons as to why it’s falling apart. He told his guests that its demolition was being used in a movie. A crack opened up and it started to fall. (Now I remember I think some machines had come to pull it apart from the outside).

Once it had fallen, I walked out of some entrance and was all alone. There was an open field and the sky was beautiful. I was overwhelmed with one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. It was love and appreciation just completely amped up. Looking around I jumped and started to fly/glide. I went around for quite some time. Then I found some soccer game and flew over to it. No one could see me so I slid along the field. I picked up and flew back. I started getting tired and couldn’t fly as high/far anymore. I got back to the building and went in.

Instead of going to find other people though, I walked out a back exit. There I saw a giant, beautiful city. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seemed like Europe pre-1700. However it was just piled on top of one another and stretched as high as skyscrapers. The feeling returned and I jumped twice as high as the buildings to look at the whole place from above. I zoomed down and started flying in and out just looking at all the wonderful buildings there were. I was going too fast and landed I think in a fountain/river. I started to go between the buildings and found Neil Baldwin sitting on a rooftop contemplating some streetart. I asked him who made it and he told me it was one of his favorites. I wrote the name on my hand in white and realized I couldn’t see it. He asked me how I would get down. I told him I was jumping everywhere. So I jumped to the next rooftop. I looked up and saw a girl looking down out a window. I flew up to her and had a very rooted (like no filler) talk with her. I forget the exact words, but I was trying to tell her I couldn’t make her fly, but she could if she was filled with the feeling. Then I continued around some more until I got tired so I went back. Then I woke up in real life. It was still dark so I looked around, was thankful for such an amazing dream, and went back to sleep.

This is the second time that flying around in a dream has been what I can call honestly the greatest feeling I’ve ever had.


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