I don’t usually talk about or use the term God, but currently it’s hard not to. In seeing so many varieties of the sameness, I’ve come to a certain speech that I wrote in my head in response to an event that hasn’t happened.

God is, for humans (for me), the personification of wonder towards life and the universe. It is truth, of which a human can only see from one side. In this metaphor, it is a higher dimension of experience, one that can contain the infinite of our finite. I sense this as a process, a cycle which we all know that is part of an infinite collection of cycles. It is simple in design and complex in performance. It cannot be inferred nor synthesized, but the closest I have known has been a process of both always and simultaneously. It is always occurring, either emitted from the infinite converging on one, or emitted from one converging on the infinite.

The best I have known is brief and fleeting, like a dream, but rather than write it down, I open up to the continuation of brevity and let each build towards the everlasting whole.


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