What Education Should Be

or at least comments on why I enjoyed it today.

In my class which I’ve used within postings, we discuss methods of ways of knowing something. For instance, we’ve been discussing empiricism, knowledge through perception and experience, versus rationalism, knowledge through thought and contemplation.

Where education can become golden is finding the fun within it. I wondered if these schools of thought required a brain. This reminded me of a VSauce video about “what is a no brainer.” We can do few things without a brain, including poop. So I asked if crapping ourselves can be considered knowledge by either the empiricist or rationalist. He responded by saying I was moving into propositional vs procedural knowledge and duality of brain vs mind. I agree, but I still want to know if I can poop myself.

Anyway, it’s important to remember that we can funify things. In fact, I’d argue that the laughter generated helps to engage those involved.

The second event was knowing when education provides you with an opportunity to ignore it. My logic class is simple and I already know the information, so I doodled in my own way.

I was contemplating 24 hours in a day, split as 8 asleep 8 work and 8 other. Then I took the 6 balls required to draw 3 8’s and made a triangular number triangle out of them. Then I rotated them to see the tetrahedron hidden behind one face. Then I opened that up to produce the 4 triangles arranged as a Triforce. At this point, I had 27 balls (9 lines with 3 balls each), so I arranged them into a cube. Then I solidified the cube and put it into Minecraft where I was constructing the arrangement of squares of Fibonacci numbers. I let the golden spiral draw itself while the ratio of Fibonacci numbers tended toward Phi (the golden ratio). (we’ll stop here, but I think Pascal is in the future). At this point, I was brought back to an earlier contemplation of the number 5 and its relation to the golden ratio. .5+.5(5^.5) (as well as pentagram ratios) We have 4 5’s making Phi. I laughed because Phi sounds like Five, but we’re missing that ve sound. Where could I find it that also gave me the fifth five? Then funniest thing happened, it was the roman numeral V for 5.

so Phi V is Five is five fives. That is what education can be.


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