During and the End

As of late, I’ve noticed two classifications of thinking that have been developing within me. It goes back to earlier posts where I talked about manifesting metaphors rather than finding them in manifestations. Essentially, these modes of thinking have been a response to my wonders about how I could live in a way that matches my mind. I spend a lot of time reflecting on what I am doing at each moment.

The terms that have come as a result of this is “at the end of the day” and “during the day.” These are metaphors that I found matched how I often feel. As I lay down before going to bed, I look at all I can see and let the ponderings run wild. Usually, I have very simple responses to myself. So in this way, at the end of the day I am having beautiful realizations that are enough to leave me in such awe that my body must dream because thought can no longer handle it; so I sleep. When I wake up, it’s as if I can’t remember what happened yesterday. Then I need to use my motor skills to walk and chew. My brain to interact with other people. Sometimes I need to smile, sometimes I need to tie my shoes. And during the day I can’t remember what the end taught me. I do know that something amazing happened, so I let that influence my During life.

So that is the metaphor for what’s happening. I’m starting to know that I’ve learned, and I’m letting that influence my During life. I’m not at the point of consciousness, but that’s ok because I can now see how beautiful things can be. It helps to step back and feel the End before coming back to the During.

The hardest part for me is speaking. I almost can’t speak when I take a step back, because to do so is to be During. So for now, I’ll try to live in the balance.

Here’s and Amon Tobin song I enjoy that is relevant.


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