I know you are reading this (or someone is reading it to you)

This was an assignment for one of my classes, I figured it could belong here too.


First, let me clarify some assumptions that need to be made. The first is that you can read. The second is that you can read English. Otherwise, you are staring at a screen filled with characters foreign to your processing abilities, and I’m sorry you can’t understand this, but don’t worry about it. So now, let me be very specific about what I’m claiming. I do not know anyone will read this. I do not know who you are or when you are reading this. I do know that you are reading this. I feel that knowledge is a very present-moment event. I can’t predict the future, though I can use inductive reasoning to take a good guess. I can’t know the past, because memory fades and distorts. So that leaves us with the right now, that you are reading this. The fun of this is that the evidence is contained within the sentence you are reading. I suppose someone could paraphrase this knowledge to you, but I feel it would be lacking. I’ve taken my effort to translate pure thought into word so it can be processed back into thought; let’s not add anymore middle men.

If I found out that my claim was wrong, I’d probably have a laugh and give the proof or person who proved it the credit they deserve. Personally, I’m accustomed to being proven wrong or having to deal with knowledge that was inaccurate. Finding that this was wrong would change my knowledge to an awesome understanding of how you could comprehend my words without reading them or being read them. Now thinking of it, I would love to be proven wrong in the way that it’s nice to lose at chess sometimes; to learn and become more quick witted.


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