Just a Few Comments as of Late

So I just realized what the greatest super power is.
I want the ability to make the song Hello by Lionel Richie play in peoples’ heads whenever they make eye contact with me.

While in Boston, I was given a dollar while juggling on the street.
A few days later, I did a short test to see if I could do it again. And yes I could. Kids love to watch juggling and their parents will pay to have them entertained.


It’s now 8/26 and I’m back from camping. I have a week before I move back to school, so it’s time to reflect on the summer.

Having worked within a theater that I consider a little more “real,” I began to wonder if this is the right thing for me. I don’t think so, but I’m not sure where else to go. So I started to just open up to new subjects and possibilities. I’ve talked to other professors and it looks like my semester will consist of newness. I’m happy with all of this. Now having gone to Boston, which I consider to be the best place in America I’ve been too, I began to wonder what life would be like elsewhere. I still don’t know what to do, but the idea of being elsewhere has been brought to my mind. I’ll be graduating in two years, so I wonder what will happen. I so much don’t know that many possibilities all seem reasonable. So what’s been brought up to me is the following philosophy: should we live today as tomorrow’s yesterday?

That idea was summed up in a sporadic urge in me. To move after college to another country simply because I feel when I’m older, I would regret not having done so. This is rooted in my experience in Montana when I was astounded that people could live and die there and not know anywhere else. I have no destination in mind, only a feeling of journey. So for now, that’s what I feel, that today is tomorrow’s yesterday.


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