Experience of Year:Life Units and why it Quickens with Age

So a theory that was brought to my mind may explain why the years seem shorter as we age. It’s thought of as a relation to itself, that is to say, we can think of the year of life as a ratio to the whole of life we’ve had so far.

So let’s show what this means:

The first year of life is complete. You’ve lived 1 year out of a total of 1 year. That year has been 100% of your total life, or 1 year:life unit (as I’ll call them)

The 2nd year is also 1 year long. You’ve lived 1 year out of a total of 2 years. That year has been 50%  of your total life, or 1/2 year:life unit

Now, we have lived a total of 1.5 year:life units in 2 years

So, what we can see will happen is the sum of 1/n from 1 to Age

I used 80 as the age to stop. Summing all those numbers give’s us about 4.9 year:life units

at age 6, we are at 2.45 year:life units. Meaning, comparing what a year is to our total lives between ages 1 to 6 is the same as from 7 to 80

It quickly tapers off. 1/n diverges, meaning the year:life ratio will continue to grow, but not very quickly.

I think there is merit in this theory. Time seams to quicken, years pass more quickly. That’s because the year:total years ratio gets smaller as we grow older.
I’m 20, so that means this year I live will be 1/20th of my total life. That’s like what a baby feels after 19 days alive.

I think this also describes some notions about age groups being together, like dating. It may seem odd to have a 20 year old and a 15 year old together, but 55 and 50 seems natural. It’s pretty obvious that there was a ratio, that 5 years makes a bigger difference at smaller ages. I wonder ( and may look into finding) if there is a common year:life ratio that we culturally define. That or maybe is a difference in year:life units, that it can’t be greater than a certain number. I think the latter would be more loose, just mathematically. But let’s see what the numbers may show!

I also think this explains why people are willing to give up to this notion of not having enough time. “There never seems to be enough time.” It’s our biological clock always comparing itself to its history. It doesn’t have to be that way. A year can be a year, it doesn’t have to be a year:life unit. Or maybe it can be both, but I think we should at least know which method we’re living.


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