A Summary Due to Insomnia

My mind is going and I know if I don’t write this down I’ll just lose sleep and forget it in the morning. So let’s win win instead of lose lose.

I wanted to summarize some concepts of my past 2 posts.

All things are 1 and therefore all things are 2. It’s something I’ve noticed and current idols agree with, so now I’m going to sing it loud and proud.

I think Unity, being 1, these are the verbs I was talking about. Unity is a process among 2 or more somethings. Maybe its balance, maybe its transformation. I think in a world-in-flux, those 2 are the same. Balance achieved by constantly flowing from one side to the other, creating waves, always smaller from one perspective but constant from it’s own.

These events do not need to take place at the same time. Rather, they cannot take place at the same time. All things are a scenario of events. The light from the stars we see tonight was emitted at different points in history. What we are experiencing is a system of events that all started at different points of space-time and only converge from our singular point. Every point is different, therefore sensing a different part of the omni-scenario.

All things that happen are not singular, static events. Rather they are scenarios that have been, are, and will always be happening. To comprehend this, we use terms such as “chain reaction, domino or butterfly effect.” That is true, but still only the singular view. These events are themselves part of the larger happening with no beginning or end.


To be honest, I still can’t consciously know any of this. What I’ve begun to do is let this comprehension affect my being and then let that affection guide my intentions. It’s my current attempt at translating the metaphor into life.


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