A Key to Teaching and Learning

Teaching should be individualized, not one size fits all.

How do we do this? I agree, but how?

I think the answer comes from enthusiasm. Simply put: enthusiasm.

To be enthusiastic in what you’re teaching, that is how: questions, interest, desire for more, excitement to continue: all come into fruition.

It is not the facts spoken from mouth to ear, but the energy behind them all. The desire of the teacher themselves to continue learning.

Multiplying x^2 by any coefficient will make it steeper by a factor of that coefficient. This is given to us as the whole, yet it is only just a small part!

What if a parabola is stretched out completely, is it a line?

What larger picture is a parabola part of? What are its smaller parts?

These questions, this desire. It all comes flooding out when enthusiasm saturates the words.

I use math because many people find it boring, but the same is true for all topics.

Teaching and learning: the key is enthusiasm.


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