Omens and the King


Much like Santiago’s journey, I have been listening to the omens lately… and boy, have they been pretty interesting.

The first major point when I listened to the word of the world was a few days ago. I went into Starbucks to get a cup of coffee because I was really drained that day. I saw this man sitting near the sugars. A man that a few days previously talked to me while I worked register. He was laughing about one of the new stories about Cher’s new song and how it was such a bad pun on gay life.

Well this day, I decided, “You know what? I am going to go talk to him for a few minutes and will get to know him for a little bit.”

Little did I know that I would end up talking with this man, whose name I came to learn is Frank, for almost two hours. Starting the conversation, we talked about Cher, how Frank wanted to start a Twitter to talk about various headlining stories, and the Jerry Sandowski Dilemma(is that how you spell it). We ended up moving towards conversations about family, about the expansion of an institution, financial endeavors, and different paths you could lead yourself down in life.

When this man came in, I thought he was just a crazy, moderately middle class man. I did not know this man, with two law degrees, would end up being closer to the King of Salem.

I will summarize what I learned, and I will go more in depth in a different essay.

What is family?
It is the picture that keeps us focused on what we are doing.

What is a leader?
Someone who takes responsibility for themselves and others.

You can either be a constant innovator or maintain the status quo.

The key is to keep everything personal. Once you stop advancing, communicating and moving forward in a personal way, life turns into a numbers game about money.

The key, going back to family, is to surround yourself with strong people who keep you going forward and who are positive advocates.

The shepherd who doesn’t allow his sheep to move around and see the world and explore is the shepherd of death not the shepherd of life. The shepherd of life allows each sheep to breathe in constant new breathes, who constantly innovates.

A key asset is to work on something rather than your core being. This outer layer helps you strengthen your inner core (kind of like increasing your shield capacity as well as your over all health in a videogame).

The point of education is not to get a job. The point of education is help you to define and connect with a belief system that you establish within yourself. Branching off of that, education allows you to strengthen yourself, engaging with the tools necessary to create a career or work in a capacity which allows you to work in accordance to your belief system.

We ultimately chose to be who we are. That idea is one which I started to discuss in my essay on the paradox of childhood and adulthood. We have many choices to make and sometimes those are not easy. Two major factors that we need to be aware of and claim responsibility for is who we surround ourselves with and what kind of person we want to become. Ultimately… another paradox of life, is the fact that these two factors are very much pushing each other forward and are equally reliant on one another, just as the division between professional and personal do the same.

I want to end this essay by giving preface to a few essays of the future, so that I can get some ideas out of my head for a bit and revisit them. These are:

– the paradox of professional and personal lives
– the idea of responsibility, how we are all responsible for one another and how this addresses the paragraph I just wrote about who we surround ourselves with and what kind of person we want to become
– opening pandora’s box, the morality of figuring out what you figured would be a very beneficial idea for society can turn very wrong (Adventurer)
– rereading The Alchemist – lessons about turning lead into gold, ideas into reality
– Life’s balance as transformation/constant revolution: Destruction, Tranformation: this topic heavily delves into the aspect of the previous paragraph about claiming responsibility on who we are and how we can either be a constant innovator or maintain the status quo
– Leadership and how a leader is a leader 24/7, the responsibility of optimism as a leader
-the idea of optimism and how living an optimistic life can be more fruitful than a happy life.


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